Knowing when to take a step back can be just as important as writing for an author.

If you spend too much time on anything, including something you love, burnout becomes a likely option. And, I am sad to say, I reached burnout a few weeks ago by not taking a step back when I should have.

Now I’m working on correcting that…


4 thoughts on “Under Construction

    1. Thanks! My drive has been lost not so much for writing but because of a fiasco with an editing company I hired who didn’t edit the book. I didn’t realize how bad it was until after the book was released. I am now re-editing it myself using several software programs. I’ve been so mad, frustrated and upset about it while working on it, I’ve gotten burnout like I’ve never had before in my writing. (If you want to hear about any of my meltdowns with that company “Hitting a Wall” does a pretty good job of it lol)

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      1. It was proofreading and content editing that they were supposed to do. You know, commas and correctly spelled wrong words and alert me to any awkward phrasing, etc. I get my manuscript back not the two months before release that I was supposed to have, but two weeks before submission. They said they found no major issues in context and corrected the few grammar errors they found. And I found it odd, I mean, I’m dyslexic so sometimes I switch words around, and things come out looking weird to anyone but me.

        I went back through with a basic editing program, and it found additional errors. I quickly changed them but I was also under pressure to get the book submitted 10 days before release because I had already months before set up all my pre-sales through various booksellers.

        Needless to say, it was a fiasco. It’s a great book, with unfortunately a lot of errors that went unnoticed in my quick check that never should have gotten through a proofreader’s check. And while the book is available, I’m working to get it fixed and updated with as many of the errors corrected as humanly possible. It’s put me under a great deal of stress and, hence, the burnout.


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